Frequently Asked Questions

The Most Popular Questions by our Customers Answered Below

What is Your Support Response Time?

We aim to respond to all urgent queries within 2 hours and this is typically much less. Our helpesk is monitored 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Our servers are fully monitored meaning a high level technician will be notified immediately of any problems. If you see a problem, most likely we are already working on it.

What Do You Mean by Unlimited?

We offer an unlimited package (Mojito) which has no limits on bandwidth, storage, addon domains, databases etc.

Unlimited means you can host as many sites as you want and when your websites get really popular, you don't have to worry about disk storage or bandwidth.

However, as this is a shared server your use of server CPU, Memory, Disk I/O will be monitored and if there is excessive usage we will need to find a solution.

If your account is using too many resources we will contact you with 24 hours before we will take action (e.g. temporarily suspending your account). We will work with you to solve the resource issues and find a solution.

What is your Refund Policy?

All products and services have a full 14 day refund policy. We also offer a Pro Rated refund on any services that you have paid for in advance, if you wish to cancel at any time.

See the full refund policy here.

What is FSB Managed?

FSB Managed is an exclusive service that lets you create Fresh Store Builder websites instantly from your hosting account.

Fresh Store Builder is a popular affiliate website creator that can also be purchased as a standalone script. Find out more details on Fresh Store Builder here.

Can I Get Unique IPs for My Account and/or Individual Websites?

Yes - we offer an "SEO & Conversion Boost" package which gives you a unique IP and an SSL certificate.

You can order multiple times and apply the IP address to either a website or your entire account.

Can I Sell and/or Share my Hosting Account?

This is not allowed on a standard hosting account, but you can do this on our Reseller Packages.